Croydon University Hospital doctor sacked amid a toxic working atmosphere wins right to compensation


Croydon Advertiser By TMackintosh  |  Posted: May 23, 2017

Dr Kevin Beatt was sacked from his position at Croydon University Hospital in 2012

A heart consultant who was sacked amidst a toxic working atmosphere at Croydon University Hospital has won the right to a big compensation payout.

Dr Kevin Beatt was given his marching orders after “blowing the whistle” on what he believed to be unsafe practices in the cardiology department he founded.

In particular, he believed that a senior nurse’s suspension in the middle of a working day had contributed to a heart patient’s death.

Dr Beatt has been fighting for justice ever since his dismissal in 2012 and has now finally triumphed at the Court of Appeal.

Three top judges agreed with an employment tribunal that Dr Beatt had been unfairly dismissed and penalised for whistle-blowing.

Lord Justice Underhill said relationships between colleagues in the department had…

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hi readers

omg what a journey the past 4 yrs have been… I use to work as a Registered Nurse in Dental Hospital, UHW, Cardiff where I worked for 10 years until 15 minutes prior to the end of my working day on Monday 2nd April 2012.

After the nurse manager (KB) announced that all staff members could go home early (leaving the Dental Hospital without a General Nurse cover, besides myself and the two nurse managers) I was told to attend the directorate managers office where I was informally told in the presence of a nurse manager (SM) and directorate manager (HRo) that 2 colleagues has instigated serious complaints under the Dignity at Work Policy, I was being met and taken to work elsewhere whilst being investigated, told the names of the two nurses (SD and JK) but no further information regarding the allegations…. This was my last working day for the NHS.  I was put on sick leave with stress and anxiety.

Jumping to 5th July 2012 I met the untrained IO (AMM, who just happened to be a former work colleague of my directorate manager and Chair of my disciplinary hearing – Do not say this is “nepotism” ‘cos CAVUHB don’t know what it means and will say you are slanderous…. I was given unsigned and unsubstantial pieces of paper aka formal letters of complaint dated 20th, 23rd & 30th March 2012, they were sent as ’email attachments’ when I asked for the said, I was told they were not sent as email attachment (do you smell a rat?, I sort of did!!!

At 6.28pm on 12th September 2012 I received an email from the untrained IO listing 7 allegations dated 6th September & 20th October 2011, 26th January 2012, 5 dates in March 2012 and that I keep a diary – Yes, these are THE ALLEGATIONS.  Lets go forth to February 2013 when I received the unsigned, not dated and no recommendation documented investigation report – My mitigation missing (surprised!!) but it was crawling with defamatory statements in which I am suicidal, not caring how much I drink or tablets I take to a letter from SD weeks after qualifying raising her concerns (May 2011) that I lift unconscious children’s legs and attempt to remove oral airways of an unconscious patient, which I believe (as a caring person, mother and professional member of the NMC) amounts to child abuse and attempted murder … however, CAVUHB did nothing when they received the said letter – which I was reading 2 yrs post script.  Ok lets go back to the allegations – 3:5 were replica’s of statements taken from my personal file (kept without my knowledge or consent and now 1 yrs old) from other staff members, but now they belong to new nurse SD…  Don’t say this is collusion CAVUHB don’t like that work either…

I will fill in the other years another time… but it was deemed the allegations were serious enough (tell you next time what they were) and off to a disciplinary hearing where I was told to give the names and reasons of my witnesses attending – I dutifully did this only to be told ‘they are not relevant to the allegations’…. So my DH was conducted and concluded on x2 complainants, x2 nurse managers, x1 HR bod, x1 directorate and x4 colleagues = 10 v 1 – Don’t say this is not Natural Justice (I don’t think they teach this at HR college) AND GUESS WHAT …. I was summarily dismissed for Gross Misconduct on 8th August 2014.  I was granted (nice of them … sort of) an appeal, by which time I had submitted my case  to the Employment Tribunal, but CAVUHB forgot to disclose the Chair (AC) was also a lay member of the Employment Tribunal (perhaps she is not missed when spending days and days at the ET, and not at her desk!!) – So conflict of interest blah, blah the Chair was unable to attend to be x examined!!!  so the HR bod came along instead (at my suggestion I may add which was a silly suggestion, but I’m no lawyer).

I WON my case (litigant) for unfair dismissal …..  I will close now and write more another day as it is Friday and no work tomorrow – lol ‘cos me not got a job….